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They are checking me out, I catch them doing it a few times. A Romanian manea, with heavy Indian influences starts playing from the speakers, I am surprised, I start laughing. He's dark skinned, with a Domenico Modugno-style mustache, the backs of our seats are touching.

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Did you think it was one of yours? He nods. He turns around and translates what I said to the others. Is Romania next to Russia? Look, just like the gate of the hotel, like this. Hard business. I am selling it, I don't want the plant anymore.

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Bitcoin is "The nothing". Do you sell your plant to trade "nothing"?! And for it to be easy. The bitcoin market is a Ponzi scheme.

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My advice is to stick to monumental gates. Don't do it! He turns to the others, I think he is recounting them our conversation. One of the women, probably his wife, frowns, he tells her something in response.

They laugh. The song has long since ended. I've finished my coffee. We take pictures together. We say goodbye to each other. Bucharest, April 6th, - Bloomberg announces that the 26 billion dollars hedge fund of the Soros family intends to trade the cryptocurrency market, a piece of news which was reported by news agencies and the rest of the mass-media, saying that Adam Fisher, the macroinvestment manager of the Soros Fund Management company, headquartered in New York, has received the internal approval to conduct virtual currency transactions and that the on principle approval was granted a few months ago, but for now it has not made any trades.

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The companies also mention that just on January 25th, in the Davos forum, George Soros said that bitcoin was not a currency, but a bubble: "Cryptocurrency is a wrong name and it is a typical bubble that always depends on a sort of misunderstanding. One day earlier, Indian Naval Ravikant look, another Indian! Rothschild - "this family which is particularly known for its ties to banks and other financial institutions" - which you wouldn't expect to be looking towards bitcoin, seems to have been active in cryptocurrency transactions, sincethrough Bitcoin Investment Trust; 2.

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Co Flock, the company created by Bhavin Turakhia many Indians bitcoin gold standard my article which makes collaboration and communications programs, is willing to enter the cryptocurrency market. Bucharest, April 9th, - I checked on the bitcoin market today.


The day I listened to for the first time in my life "Money is just paper that changes people", bitcoin was valued at 1, It was a glorious peak, and then it started dropping, but one year after the discussion bitcoin gold standard the garden of the Royal Plaza hotel, on March 19thbitcoin was still about eight times more expensive 8, I don't know what the Indian did, I don't think he listened to me, I think he bought bitcoin and he made a killing, if he got out on time. That was in the past.

The news that Soros would invest in bitcoin has raised the price from the low of 6, On April 9th it rose to 7, For me, the fact some people win in the Ponzi scheme doesn't make it anything else than what it is - a pyramid scheme, to hoover the money from the bottom of the pyramid, to the top.

The first ones in win.

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They are few. The hysteria of the tulip bulbs, which started in Holland in the yearhas provided impressive gains to some and led to a huge volume of speculations untilwhen the burst of the speculative bubble caused huge losses there were cases where a tulip bulb was valued at 5 hectares of land.

Bitcoin is one such craze.

In other words, it was a totally 'fiat' currency. Cu alte cuvinte era un ordin, un etalon monetar unic. De exemplu, asa cum legea Federal Reserve a permis crearea unei noi monede naționale fiat denumita bancnota Federal Reserve, tot asa și FMI a primit autoritatea de a emite o moneda mondiala fiat numita Special Drawing Rights SDR - drepturi de retragere speciala. Dolarul, lira, euro sunt toate monede guvernamentale FIAT. First, governments pass legal tender laws to make us use the national fiat currency.

Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller know it's a fad and they're feeding it. They are ahead bitcoin gold standard the line or they know how to do that if needed. The most disturbing suspicion is that behind the speculations with bitcoin is the State itself - the states that are overindebted have come up with a way to vacuum more money from their citizens.

Soccer-Romanian championship preliminary round results and standings

That is another scenario. When all is said and done, bitcoin is a caricature of the currencies broken away from the gold standard, which have completely no connection to the production of goods.

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The cryptocurrency market is nothing but a farce. But you could win, and you could lose, by investing in this farce.