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bitcoin hashrate hart

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email The Chinese government never had a particularly friendly position towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We can highlight until this year, though.

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Just recently, the authorities in the provinces Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Yunnan, and Sichuan have been taking actions to ban or seriously limit the Bitcoin mining operations. Inner Mongolia was the first one, but the other territories have been joining the actions.

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The National Development and Reform Commission will monitor the electricity usage and the shutdown, and make daily reports. The local governments will be doing inspections to close more mining farms as well. Bitcoin exodus from China Chinese citizens have been very receptive to Bitcoin since the beginning. That changed in Since that year, ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges are banned in the territory.

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Now, bitcoin hashrate hart last month, Bitcoin payments are banned too, and it seems like the authorities are aiming to completely ban Bitcoin mining as well. To date, some people bet for the United States especially Texas as the next great Bitcoin mining center.

In the meantime, as it happened in with the ICOs and exchange ban in China, Bitcoin price has suffered the consequences.

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