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Help! My bitcoin transaction has been stuck for 10 days. Is my bitcoin gone?

BTC Transaction Stuck? Stats from bitinfocharts. Data from the site Blockchain.

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Cryptocurrency transaction stats from txstreet. Unfortunately, the number of transactions pending and the ability to compete with higher fees has made people wait an awfully long time for a single confirmation.

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When a long time ago a small fee could get a BTC transaction cleared with 10 minutes now can take hours and even days to get a single transaction if the fee is too low. The web portal pushtx. The person who wants to speed up a transaction simply adds the transaction hash and the program will give an estimated fee.

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Viabtc is also a mining operation that also offers users a number of other cryptocurrency services. Viabtc also provides a transaction TX accelerator service and one is free and the other service can be paid for with bitcoin cash BCH to speed up a transfer.

The problem with slow settlements and confirmation times is because prices fluctuate, a person could lose money trying to send BTC to an exchange to make a timely trade.

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Transaction accelerators are simply a band-aid to an ongoing problem, but they are definitely better than nothing at all and worth bitcoin tranzaction backlog about. Moreover, because btc.

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Data from bitinfocharts. What do you think about btc.

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