Bitcoin wallet windows 10

bitcoin wallet windows 10

Uh my name is Ken. I am an in the independence researchers and a member of the project. I also part of uh a box conference crew well as a honeypot uh hobby researcher.

I always have uh this big question in mind.

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What do you uh? You and I we put our personal foul on the internet. It could be some sort of uh open directory service or it could be some of the service, which probably accessible by anyone from the internet and what will happen to all of our foul after 90 days.

Catch them altogether with uh this a new deceptive um bit foul. We are gonna explore about three things right here for the next thirty and 40 minutes.

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Secondly, let's take a quick look together about how we create those uh deceptive foul. We've embedded bitcoin wallet in it and spread it.

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Across the internet last, but not the least the most interesting part well, let's take a quick look about uh what happened to all them after 90 days. Yeah, let's do this together. Well, nowadays uh security research company uh scanned the entire internet looking for different uh or database or some sort of devices uh which exposed to the internet and then uh bitcoin wallet windows 10 uh security researchers look at the data and try to find a lot of ways to secure it.

Nicely company did that as well, try to secure the assets uh correctly from which uh and prevent them to expose to the internet and definitely at the. Side of the world that guy they bitcoin wallet windows 10 looking at the same uh scanning result with a manages intent.

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They actually grab on those kind of a juicy data. They're looking for some interesting exposed data, which accidentally like on the internet.

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It could be critical details or personal phone uh corporate sensitive information and stuff. Yeah in this case um they would always grab those kind of data and eventually they will lead.

I mean lead them to uh infiltrate the environment itself. Uh I always like to use this uh analogy such as uh a street teeth carrying an anti bag uh heading to uh I mean bring the house and I try to fill in all the bags and uh with it. This is uh but you know uh on the network on the wire itself. This could be happen and so. The data filtration uh activities well um I always love in those kind of movie such as uh somebody who started to put a GPS tracker into those kind of back and then wherever the street team.

Those GPS trackers will send a little tiny ping back to the owner uh and Some sort of the data we've uh of the guys behind the scene. This will be interesting and uh in fact, this could be implemented in the cyber war as well.

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Um this uh idea is not that new because uh reason you're uh we have heard about those kind of terms called such as honey token bait on break from this kind of a terms, but eventually they are referring to the same thing, which is uh a honey token well let's. A quick look together about a real-life example of how these things happen and what we can do together right here. Inuh this is one of very interesting.

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It was this was one of the very interesting blog by a very well-known greedy gurus and mister Steven um back in at a time uh uh bitcoin prices all time high. It was shooting up around if I remember correctly around US dollar at a time uh bitcoin and uh on the internet tractors scandal and And try to pick pocket um bitcoin wallet from those uh web server, which has stole those kind of uh bitcoin wallet uh on the website so well, mister Steven started to observe a lot of uh malicious um scanning on his web server, and then he started even observed those kind of pattern such as um the guys who always came back a couple of weeks or months with a certain um scanning patterns on his web server well um let's.

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Take a quick look together about this very interesting. So what we have seen on the screen right here uh personally I would like to say that this is a very beautiful and very sexy.

How can you read it easily? Um this is divided into a couple of columns and from the left uh from the left uh first column is the IP address the sources IP address you followed by the time the HP Red get request the ur UI and then uh the HP called.

This case the laws of a four for response code. This is how we can easily read this uh law, but in brief a bad guy tried to continue uh he was a continuously hitting on uh mister d and then he's trying. Go to grab some sort of uh the bitcoin wallet um which he's on uh mister the Steven's Web server.

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But of course in this case uh he was hit with uh fall over here because there were no any bitcoin wallets over there in this case well, the things that catch our attention. A common uh crypto wallet could be named as a wallet. It could be a underscore backup.

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Uh I mean as uh as a hobby security researchers uh hobby Honeypot security researchers. I always have this big question in mind. What can we do in this case?

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We've certain content and eventually the data or the files will get us about some sort of informations about the bad guy behind the scene. This is just a very similar. Idea very fundamental idea and eventually this leaders to our new tools so let me introduce to you our new tools ah namely honey bag And we created this uh new uh open source to any honey back a tools that will help you to create a bit a foul a foul with any photos and foul to be embedded in it.

You can customize it uh as you like and then it will strategia de cripocurrență scalping you if uh someone assess it.

Yeah um a few days. Well, uh let's take a quick look together about how honey back works.

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Back contains a three different component uh first component will be this uh so-called honey back client, a common line tools uh that you're seeing on screen right here on bitcoin wallet windows 10 second component will be the honey back simple uh DNS server. We will be useful for receiving uh the A lot of the third option.

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We can set up a responder in order to work together bitcoin wallet windows 10 a honey back. On the screen right here, this is uh honey back client is a pretty simple uh tools with some sort of the script.

GPG Any files that you like you can uh embed into uh honey back. Yeah, you can easily generate a bit file if you want or you can easily generate. Thousand of people with uh honey backs in this case, Yeah. Piața bitcoin sterling um let's take a quick look about the end result.

How does it looks like? Well, let's take a quick example right here. What do you have seen on the right screen right here? Um we have a we create a zip file called secret well uh inside the zip file.

There is a secret folder, and then there's only one single document called super Secret uh document of Pdf file in it.

Will automatically slot at the two new file into the zip file itself. Uh the first will be I mean the first file will be uh the file with uh the power extension Called.

These are the two will be automatically slot into um the final zip file itself. This two foul serve a so-called um alerting mechanism for our honey back how it works is pretty simple.

You know initially these are the so-called legitimate file in Windows Operating system Desktop. It could be uh windows uh photos or it could be somewhere else uh really credits uh to this uh very interesting idea which I use in uh things uh can be broken um instead of uh looking to file the icon file on a local machines.