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Here are some suggestions of museums that families can enjoy.

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The National Museum of Romanian Aviation Located in northern Bucharest, this museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces and allows visitors a trip through the history of local aviation.

One section is dedicated to local aviation pioneers Traian Vuia, Aurel Vlaicu and Henri Coandă, with mock-ups of the planes they designed, as well as items and documents that belonged to engineer Aurel Vlaicu.

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Photo: Muzeul National al Aviatiei Romane Facebook Page Another area looks at the period of the Second World War, and includes a replica mock bitcoin trading the IAR 80 low-wing monoplane, while the period after is presented with the help of fighter jets and radiolocation stations.

Visitors will also find here MiG 17, 19 and 21, L aircraft, flight simulators, radiolocation and anti-aircraft artillery equipment. The open-air section of the museum displays a variety of planes, helicopters, aviation equipment and ground-to-air missiles.

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More details on how to get to the museum and the visiting hours here. Vasile Urseanu Astronomic Observatory The Astronomic Observatory in Bucharest has a variety of activities and presentations suitable for both children and adults.

Those interested can attend presentations held in an inflatable dome, equipped with a digital planetarium system acquired when the Observatory underwent refurbishment. There is also the option of attending astronomy observations with telescopes, as long as the sky is clear.

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The staff of the Observatory regularly hold presentations at the Bucharest City Museum — Șuțu Palace where the public can learn more about the solar system, the planets and their satellites, the stars and how many have been discovered so far, how the sky looks like from other planets, asteroids or water on Mars. Some presentations are not recommended for children younger than 8.

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You can check their website for further details. It hosts many educational events and programs, making use of its extensive collections to take visitors on a trip to various nature habitats, local and from outside of the country, with their characteristic fauna and flora.

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This is the place to learn about ancient mammals, such as the giant deer Megaceros giganteusreptiles, or the cave bear Ursus spelaeusamong others. In its Ethnography and Anthropology collections, the museum hosts a variety of artifacts from around the world, but also several mummies.

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More about the museum, its programs and binance minim comerț btc here. More about it here. An btc dublu cheltuieli reason to visit it this season, it hosts an exhibition of the Toys Museum Association, displaying numerous toys manufactured in time, in Romania.

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In the past, it held workshops on the work of famed Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși and this summer it ran the ninth edition mock bitcoin trading the Art Garden program at the Theodor Pallady and K.

Zambaccian Museums. Starting from the patrimony of the two museums, families were able to explore the art of the garden as a nature venue but also as a source of inspiration or a place for play or relaxation. The museum also has programs for kindergartens and schools, designed to let the young audience notice and make up their own mind, draw and interpret the art works in its collections.

Further details are available here.

Romania travel: Bucharest museums to visit with children

Visitors can see and try over experiments and activities in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. They can interact with every exhibit, as the center aims to promote individual discovery of the phenomena presented.

If you would like to see how lighting in produced indoors, to feel static electricity in your hair, sit on 2, nails or pedal and see how your effort turns into electricity, this is the place to go. The center also delivers a variety of workshops, adapted for school children from the 1st to the 9th grade.

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Further info here. Photo: Casa Experimentelor Facebook Page The Museum of Senses This venue welcomes visitors to experiences designed to test their perception in a fun way.

He was known as one of the more reasonable and intelligent commanders in the Army Special Forces. Mark smiled. Mark looked around the room. This was his biggest gamble yet. There was a podium and table at the head of the conference room, with a T on one side.

Visitors are invited to a walk through a dark tunnel where they experience an area where the water flows upwards, cross a busy city street to enter into a park with mind-blowing optical illusions, experience an adrenaline rush and dizziness by walking through a Mock bitcoin trading tunnel, or spend some time in an inclined room or an infinity mirror room. More about visiting it here.

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Photo: Museum of Senses Facebook Page.