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We work as a team and we do not have departments that are more successful than the others. Each project involves the entire team.

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The success of a project depends as much on us as it does on the client. What about the pitches you attended?

cs dinamo bucurești volleyball

The reason for this is that a correct branding process involves a strategic step which precedes and endorses the creative proposals. The strategic step is quite lengthy and is partly done together with the stream review bitcoin. Once the strategic step is completed, the brief to the creative team is much clearer and the evaluation criteria are also well defined. This type of process is difficult to be implemented in a pitch, but sometimes the client agrees to implement it and to also compensate the agency for the effort.

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Otherwise, we do participate in agency selections, which involve credential presentation, project approach proposal and a financial offer. But more important, most of our clients contact us directly, based on our reputation and portfolio, and they only want to work with us.

Inmost of the projects were contracted this way.

stream review bitcoin

How would you characterize the local branding industry in in terms of budgets, campaigns, creativity, etc.? We always consider our duty to critically judge the briefs we receive, and to question the real problems behind the exposed ones, as well as the decisions that the client made before approaching us.

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We are seen more and more like business consultants, not just communication experts. Another tendency is that clients request us to continue the relationship after the branding process is over.

This means handling communication assets and activities either directly or by supervising other companies as brand guardians.

You can also share your feedback and suggestion directly to us.

Mostly we assist them in defining the budget and the communication plan, and then in choosing these complementary partners. Hopefully, what we experience at Storience are not exceptions, and the industry will focus more on strategy, on building coherent and consistent brands and not only highly creative, one-shot campaigns.

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What were the campaigns done by the other agencies in Romania that you admired and why? The first one that comes to my mind is the fundraising campaign for Magic Home. I appreciated the insightful idea, easy to grasp and to relate to, as well as the creative execution and the flawless implementation.

All touchpoints were taken into consideration and addressed appropriately.

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The most important novelty is of course our repositioning on BrandingForGood. Then, me joining the team has proven to be another notable event, as I am just becoming a Partner at Storience a year later, joining Adriana Liute who co-founded Storience and replacing Stefan Liute, the other co-founder.

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Stefan took on another career path in technology at the beginning ofand remains a Senior Advisor at Storience. Consumers expect it more and more and brands are tackling ways to demonstrate it. This is one of the trends that led to our repositioning and we aim not only to follow it, but to raise the standard. We want to put social responsibility on the agenda of companies and brands from the first draft of their brand definition.

Another trend is for local companies to go international. What do you foresee for from this point of view?

Văzând cât de multă atenție a fost atrasă asupra platformelor financiare descentralizate, tocmai după ce s-a umflat 22 de miliarde de dolari în valoare blocată începând din ianuarieSolana reprezintă o alternativă solidă la Ethereum pentru aplicații și platforme care urmăresc o creștere ridicată. În consecință, am putut vedea SOL trecând de maximul său istoric la mijlocul anului Prognoză Solana Preț Până acum, cea mai mare provocare împotriva Solana este că blockchain-urile bine stabilite, cum ar fi Ethereum sau EOS, ar implementa actualizări atât de necesare în rețeaua lor pentru a rezolva problemele de scalabilitate afectate, inclusiv timpii de procesare lentă și taxele mari. Cu toate acestea, numeroasele inovații ale lui Solana ar putea să-l pună pe un picior puternic împotriva colegilor săi, inclusiv upgrade-uri extrem de anticipate pentru a permite o mai bună compatibilitate între lanțuri între Solana și alte blockchains alimentate de jetoanele sale SOL. Predicția prețului Solana Este dificil să prognozăm cât de mult se va schimba lumea financiară în patru ani stream review bitcoin, dar am paria puternic că valoarea descentralizării va face progrese mai mari în cea mai mare parte a vieții noastre de zi cu zi prin adoptarea generală a finanțelor descentralizate DeFi și o desfășurare mai mare de aplicații descentralizate dAPP.

Brands will become more socially responsible, in more relevant ways. They will include this topic in their market research, to discover what makes Romanians tick. Also, more brands will expand internationally, especially brands with an important technology component.

What is your goal for in terms of revenue, but also new clients, employees, etc.?

Prognoză preț Solana (SOL) pentru 2021, 2023 și 2025

We are increasingly partnering with industry leaders, and we want to continue this positive trend. Our projects are more complex than ever, and this gives us a lot of satisfaction.

In terms of new clients, we have a good rate of new projects that we wish to keep stream review bitcoin 2 new projects per month. We are also planning to become brand guardians for at least two clients this year.

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We hired two colleagues — one on strategy, and one on design. What do you wish for the local industry this year? To keep the focus on long-term benefits, to propose more brand-building solutions and less tactical ones or to mix the tactical with the brand-building ones.

How do you see the Romanian market connected to the international one at this moment?

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Through festivals. At least they set the standards, at least we know what to aim for. At most, we also win prizes and put Romania on the map of global branding and communication. At Storience, we aim to win an international award every year.

stream review bitcoin

We did that at Rebrand earlier this year, where we received a Merit award for rebranding www. Through Romanian brands stream review bitcoin abroad. It is true that most local brands tend to echo what they see in the more developed economies, but there are ambitious companies who innovate and some of them are our clients. Stream review bitcoin is the local industry still lacking and what can be changed?

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At an individual level, I would like to see more preoccupation towards higher standards, towards excellence. I still see very basic proposals presented as state of the art. At industry level, I would like to see more responsibility.

stream review bitcoin

I think we, as communicators, have huge responsibility in creating and growing trends, in launching conversations, even in educating. The communication of the brands we work for should reflect this responsibility.