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Alright Y'all So. If you're just making your way on make sure that you like the video the video whatever option the platform that you're on gives you. Or on Facebook if you're on YouTube, make sure that you subscribe to the channel.

You turn on your bell notifications all of that all of that stuff. Let me check audio real quick. See what the audio sound like on YouTube. Yo real quick. Yes you. So a little static. Sounded a little static. I know why it's too. Alright, that should do it? Let me see now. Let me check it again. Good now. Alright excellent.

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I checked Facebook and see what that sounds like. Facebook should be good. Let's see. This is good. Check checkbook should be good there we go. I'm I'm cool intent with it. Alright so Facebook's good YouTube is good. Arm miner bitcoin me know how audio sounds on Instagram. And aside from that I need to just distribute quickly.

Push this out. On these different platforms that you guys can tune in on whether it's Facebook. YouTube Instagram.

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Sometimes you get tradingview ftc btc notification and so sometimes you don't the best way to ensure that you have a good opportunity of getting notified is to subscribe to the channel if you're on YouTube, if you're on Facebook, follow the team Alliance page and if you're on Instagram also follow the team Alliance page, which is at Team Alliance now, and that gives you. Best opportunity to receive notification when I'm live, Okay.

In that group because it's a group on Facebook when I post and then you'll get the notification always so make sure that you join the public Team Alliance Facebook group So if you're on Facebook already just type if you're on YouTube, the crypto ai bot for it is actually underneath the video in the description box and on Instagram same thing just type in just go to Facebook tradingview ftc btc type in Team Alliance Facebook group and get into the group.

Alright, then that way.

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Make sure that no because for whatever reason the notifications always come through when you're in the group. Alright and aside from that. Alright, tradingview ftc btc from that, let me just do distribution real quick and then I'll come back on and then we'll get started recording for the podcast. Alright today gonna be a good one. Per usual, Yes, you're right. And I'm not enough you are tradingview ftc btc. They're trying to me, I'm running the race.

I'm running around in the streets trying to get you can't I got my. The birds. I don't think they get it. They don't understand. I'm gonna do it for my homies and my family. I don't see the vision. You won't get a chance I keep on going until I can and I abide by his family. He's trying to hit me. I'm running the race. I don't know what Homie even talking about or what he's saying, but that song sound good though. I don't know what he's saying I have no idea what he's even talking about, but it sounds good.

It sounds good. Alright so we have. Oh the one thing I don't have up yet is the watch party. I need to push that out, but aside from that I post it everywhere.

One way or another. Let me see something. Alright, let me post that up, so I can pin btc godemode.

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I just need to push that tradingview ftc btc. The pages up on Facebook as well. I need to open that up. Someone on Instagram do me a favor type in the the website for the podcast. Alright, so that's pinned over here I just need to push out the watch party real quick. And then we'll be good to go. We'll be good to go. Alright, so we got one. Three Alright, so we're good to go.

Alright all distribution has been done. And we are ready to begin recording. We're about to get cracking. Alright, let's start recording for the PO. Let's do that. I'm Marco Marco Marco. Another educational topic on deck. As of late been focusing on. Information pertaining to the ax platform in particular trying to help people. To trade or looking for trading platform or looking for tradingview ftc btc better way to do things whatever you're looking for. I got something good for you tradingview ftc btc you can.

The platform called ax. North American Derivatives Exchange, Basically the platform gives you an opportunity to trade. To crypto may even be used to or familiar with forex. That's what trading allows you to do. But we're gonna get into that when we start talking about.

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Alright, in the interim, let's see who we got in the building with us. Keith Thank you for posting that much appreciated so on Instagram we have. David Dream What's going on I see Torrey. Key is over here as well. Willis major.

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Mister James is here. Mister the Chrome tradingview ftc btc I said that right welcome. Alright cool. Yeah champ is here as well.

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And, of course on Youtube. Gang is heavy as always. Let's see let me post this before I forget it. Kali's here I see Jackie We press ace one.

Melanie's here he is here. Moe is here. Deus com o nome Melanie and I see parable as well. Alright man we we're here we're in the building. We are in the building.

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It's gonna be a good podcast today. But this is how it begins. Alright, so let's get into the topic. What I think could be questions. Let me see. Tim is asking when you started trading Nate where you always patient or was it something you had to work on hell?

No, I was not always patient and absolutely it was something that I had to work on.

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Would I would say that? It's not. Alright, you can have patience and then you just execute that patience you're learning how to execute patience more and more over time as time goes by. I'm not gonna break. I don't wanna lose for one I don't want to. Be in the market when I shouldn't be to and because my desire. You can't do you can't it's kinda like being in front of the charts all day.

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That's what you're learning how to how not to do you're learning how not to such a set yourself up for failure by doing extra stuff that you shouldn't be doing you gotta you have to find something else to do for us We train instead you. We occupy our time all like damn every moment of the day I'm training and I'm listening to training. I'm listening to bitcoin wallet cec I'm watching something instead of just being in front of the charts looking at the market because I know what that's gonna lead to.

That's that's just what it is instead of doing that. I'd listen continuously to what I should be listening to to keep me focused. You see what I'm saying.

It's not an tradingview ftc btc. Alright so hopefully that was a good answer for that. You're looking for a strategy. Dale I don't have a strategy for you.

We got that over here but strategies, no no, I don't but hopefully through this content, you'll realize that it's not really a strategy that you need.